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S. M. Williams is a writer of Historical Romance novels in the style of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. Her works feature strong female leads, colorful supporting characters, lavish, detailed settings and lots of mystery, suspense, and passion. She weaves her stories with the right amount of page turning excitement that keeps her readers engaged right up to the suspenseful ending. Her talent is building believable characters who come to life and beckon the reader to either love them or hate them. She is a writer who believes in telling a good story that captivates the reader and, although there are passionate love scenes, she sometimes leaves something to the imagination. Her current endeavor is a sweeping three-book saga set in mid-nineteenth century Europe entitled ALL WOULD BE KINGS. Other works by S. M. Williams include the Civil War era novel CHINQUAPIN and its sequel ACROSS THE RIVER which is due to be published later this year.

S. M. Williams lives in the deep South with her husband, two dogs, and five cats. She is a serious history buff and genealogy researcher. Her works can be found on Amazon, Good Reads, Barns and Noble and other retailers. She invites you to visit her website at smw1067.wixsite.com/authorssite, Blog: smwilliamssite.wordpress.com, look her up on Facebook or email her at smw_1067@icloud.com.



June 4 - 5     Clarksville Writers Conference

I will be presenting two workshops:

Day 1: Creative Writing...Everybody is a storyteller.

Day 2: Is self-publishing right for you?

For more information, visit their FaceBook page or online at Clarksville Arts and Heritage website.

 CHINQUAPIN  The Last Great Hope is available at AMAZON.com



ALL WOULD BE KINGS  Book 1:  A Winter Prophecy  is now at Amazon.com and at Barnes and Noble.com


ALL WOULD BE KINGS  Book 2:  High Treason

is available now at Amazon.com in both paperback and ebook.  available at Barns and Noble.com


ALL WOULD BE KINGS Book 3: Rosemary

Available now at Amazon.com in both paperback and ebook.






ALL WOULD BE KINGS is a 3 books series:

Book 1 - The Winter Prophecy    Available Now! 

Book 2 - High Treason  Available Now!

Book 3 - Rosemary  Available Now!


Meet The Characters at my blog... www.smwilliamssite.wordpress.com


BOOK Signing!  

February 3, 2018   10am-12noon

Enterprise Public Library

Enterprise, Alabama


See You There!



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All Would Be Kings

Nestled in a setting of trees at the foot of the Costins Mountains, Castlemyer sits vast and empty. A house once filled with laughter is now full of dead men's secrets and bitter memories. It was marred by the prophecy of the mountain people who foretold a change so sweeping that it ruined the lives of all who entered its gates. 

ALL WOULD BE KINGS is the saga of life and death, murder and intrigue, self-will and determination, of rages and passion so intense that it left nothing but smoldering ruins in its path.

It's the sweeping story of the woman who would not give in and the man who would not give up. 


Chinquapin: The Last Great Hope

A secret so huge that only a handful of people would ever know of its existence.

A secret so powerful that if realized could turn the tide of the war and bring victory to the struggling Confederacy. 

A secret entrusted to a Confederate spy code named Chinquapin; a spy who has been successful in past missions but who now faces the greatest challenge of her lifetime...surviving the Siege of Atlanta and delivering the 'last hope' to Richmond.

All Would Be Kings

HIGH TREASON is the second book in the ALL WOULD BE KINGS series. Follow Rosiland and Maximilian in this next episode of the dramatic and fast-paced ALL WOULD BE KINGS saga.  From the happy days after the birth of the Heir, to the impending certainty of war, storm clouds gather as an assassin targets the Royals and forces Rosiland into the role of a Rebel Queen. 

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